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Blast Mitigation

Ultrahigh Performance Solutions with Ultrahigh Performance Materials

Our blast mitigation systems combine technical prowess, product development and manufacturing acumen to produce ultrahigh performance solutions in fields like construction, infrastructure, defense and asset protection. Our mission is to add value to designers, builders and owners through the innovative use of ultrahigh performance fiber reinforced concrete materials.

Protecting Buildings, Assets, and Lives

Buildings are more than just their physical structures; they are creations that symbolize and epitomize ideas, purposes, and philosophies. Long held ideas about their protection need to evolve as these symbols are physically targeted. The systems offered by Composite Technologies protect people, buildings and infrastructure from potential threats. It is our goal to continuously search for, identify, and deploy systems and materials that best augment the integrity of the buildings under extreme conditions. Blast and ballistic walls, shields, and armor are designed and manufactured specifically to resist these physical threats.

About Composite Technologies

Our Composite Technologies uses emerging materials and broad-ranging experience in research, development, design and fabrication to develop solutions addressing varied challenges.

Protecting Buildings, Assets, Lives

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