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Solar Installations & Racking

Composite Technologies is committed to sharing our passion for renewable solar energy. That is why we offer RMORs PV Solar Racking Systems. These are American made, ARA compliant, and evolved from our curtain wall and ballistic armor systems. Our flat-roof racking is the only ballasted racking system that can be factory assembled and shipped in large arrays, making installation a breeze. 

The RMORs RR Roof Rehab Racking System makes old roofing new, by re-roofing an outdated structure while leaving the original in place. 

Some benefits of Composite Technologies Solar racking include:

• Low Parts Count

• Less Tools Needed

• Custom Solutions

• Small Footprint

• Aluminum, Stainless or Galvanized

• Non Penetrating

• Rehab Systems-No Ballast Req’d.

• Cool Roof systems Avail.

• Accommodates Later Re-Roofing

• Makes You Competitive


About Composite Technologies

Our Composite Technologies uses emerging materials and broad-ranging experience in research, development, design and fabrication to develop solutions addressing varied challenges.

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