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Energy Services / LED Lighting

We are driven by a commitment to providing the best energy audits and innovative lighting technology for our commercial, industrial, residential and government customers. Our lighting solutions for both interior and exterior applications offer significant life cycle energy consumption and cost reductions.

LED lights deliver 25-50% more light than other options and up to eight times the brightness of standard incandescent lamps. These LED bulbs provides a regular beam pattern with uniform brightness, reducing dark patches and light loss. Our LED lights are available in various wattages and can be utilized in a wide range of settings, both interior and exterior such as:

Exterior Applications

• Parking Lot Lighting

• Area Lighting

• Security Lighting

• Parking Garage Lighting 

• Architectural Lighting

• Gas Station Lighting.

 Tunnel Lighting

Interior Applications

• High Bay Lighting

• Ceiling Lighting

• Accent Lighting

• Retail Display Lighting 

• Casework Lighting 

• Hotel Lighting

About Composite Technologies

Our Composite Technologies uses emerging materials and broad-ranging experience in research, development, design and fabrication to develop solutions addressing varied challenges.

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